I'm currently homebased in Kansas City, MO and am an Application Developer at Crema. Drop me a line if I can help with anything Kansas City or development related.

Mug with 'hustle' on top of a desk with a laptop


I'm the Mentor Director for Coding & Cocktails, one of Kansas City Women in Technology's programs geared towards diversifying our tech community. I organize the mentors and helped defined our teaching ethos with the Mentor Playbook I created.

Notebook with 'how we live is what makes us real'


I like learning about different cultures, their foods, and their languages. I'm working on learning Korean and also got to spend a month in South Korea. 안녕! The last trip I took was to Spain and Portugal. I also practice yoga, mostly Ashtanga, and study Buddhism.

The Louvre, Paris

Future Me

Get Italian citizenship
Conference speaking
Pet more animals
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My skill set spans a wide range and includes systems engineering, web development, and client management.


I used to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu in high school. Command lines are my happy place. Currently studying for RHCSA certification.


I have 2 years of experience in Javascript within a React/Redux web application. Working on learning more about the core concepts of Javascript and on making my code more functional.


I've contributed to backend APIs using Django/Python. I also help out with our yearly Django Girls KC workshop.


Fluent in Octocat and thankful for git revert.


Been HTMLing since my Geocities Mariah Carey fan page. I enjoy building HTML elements and want to get even better at SEO best practices with their structure.


I like pretty things and have been known to fuss with styling to pixel-perfection


I also like making pretty things easily.


This site runs on Node. My first development project that wasn't on geocities was a MEAN stack project.


I designed and created Ansible/Vagrant deployments with documentation on their use. Playbooks and automation for the win.